Passenger Transfers & Special Charters

We can take you where you want to go, when you want to go. Our passenger transfer services are an efficient transport option. We can make that magical moment happen whether it be a surprise wedding proposal or a romantic picnic in a secret location. We’re also here to assist with emergency transfers.

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Geological Surveys and Mining Exploration

Queensland Helicopters have ongoing relationships with mining and exploration operations in Western Queensland. We provide cost effective and time efficient access to remote area locations. All work is carried out by experienced and highly skilled pilots, so you and your team are in good hands.

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Feral Animal Control and Mustering

Our pilots have specialist skills and are highly experienced in operating helicopters as an aerial platform for mustering livestock and feral animal control. Queensland Helicopters and their pilots are CASA approved for low level flying plus the carriage and discharge of firearms from an aircraft.

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Powerline and Gas Pipeline Patrols

Aerial patrols are an effective way to inspect power lines and gas pipe lines. Queensland Helicopters has worked closely with a major Queensland power provider for over 10 years. Our helicopter services provide access to areas not accessible by conventional means for infrastructure repair projects.

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Film and Photography Special Charters

For that ‘perfect aerial shot,’ our helicopter flights provide a bird’s-eye view for your next film, television and print project. Recent projects include filming the Spirit of the Outback as it crosses the outback plains,  Hamish and Andy on their ‘Caravan of Courage’ televisions series and numerous local town news stories.

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Professional Drone Photography Services

Drones are now a popular option for aerial photography and filming projects.  We include drone photography in our suite of film and photography services. By considering important factors such as range, location, weather and budget, our experienced team will help you determine the best aerial platform for your project.

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Scenic Flights
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