Desert Channels Longreach conducted a survey of Parkinsonia weed south of Windorah in Central West Queensland.

“Queensland Helicopters Robinson R44 helicopter was a great choice for the job. Queensland Helicopters are based in Longreach and have extensive knowledge of the area. Not only that, but the R44 has great vision with the doors off and it is a 4 – seater which means we could have 2 spotters and even take the land owners up for a ride.”

Brett Carlsson - Project Officer - Desert Channels Longreach,

I approached Queensland Helicopters in 2016 because our earthquake monitoring equipment which was deployed across Queensland Channel country had become inaccessible due to rain. Tim Rayner helped us by provided expert advice about planning aerial access to our equipment. We approached several helicopter companies at the time but Queensland Helicopters was the only company who were able to provide us with the advice we needed since this was a new way of accessing equipment for us. We also found the pilots at Queensland Helicopters were well known and well regarded by the local farmers who were hosting our equipment. This made negotiating helicopter access very easy for us.

Queensland Helicopters was willing to work with us on a trial run to see if helicopter access was a viable solution for us. The trial was very successful and cost effective for us so we completed the work accessing our instruments over a 200 000 square kilometre area. We called on Queensland Helicopters again in 2017 when rain storms again cut off access to a few of our instruments. They were flexible enough to be able to help us out at very short notice. I would definitely recommend Tim Rayner and the rest of the Queensland Helicopter Crew to anyone needing helicopter services, especially those that are not used to the process of planning and implementing helicopter work. I think that their local knowledge and community standing also provides point of difference to other fly-in companies. Or experience has been nothing but positive!

Dr Michelle Salmon - , Australian National University Research School of Earth Sciences

I am pleased to say that we enjoyed a magnificent day with Tim Rayner of Queensland Helicopters in August 2016. We were on a road trip to visit our daughter & her family in The Gulf & we had been unable to travel the route we had intended because of flood waters (somewhat of a rarity in that neck of the woods) so we decided to charter a chopper in Longreach to get a birds eye view of what ‘The Channel Country” actually looks like whilst the channels are filling. We had the experience of a lifetime as not many people get to see such acts by Mother Nature. Qld Helicopters were very professional with all aspects of safety both before & during our flight. The fact that Tim as our pilot, knew the country like the back of his hand, was a huge bonus as he was able to identify all the stations we were overflying & give us some of the areas history. All combined we had an educational day that we will never forget. Many thanks for the memories Tim & Sandy Rayner & Queensland Helicopters.

Richard Rains - ,

I am writing to thank you for your magnificent support for the recovery of scientific instruments from a vast area of Central Queensland.  Over the last several years, we have flown complex, expensive and heavy balloon payloads for astrophysical research, sponsored by NASA, and the Japanese and French Space Agencies.  A number of these instruments have landed in unpredictable and inaccessible locations in Central Queensland.  Your company has been instrumental in carrying out the speedy recovery of these instruments, some of them weighing several hundred kilograms.  In addition to your undoubtable skills in the field of helicopter operations, a critical factor in the success of the recovery of the instruments has been your speedy response, and your knowledge of local conditions, logistical support and factors important for operational safety in the bush.

Your friendly and expert support has been greatly appreciated by the three Space Agencies, and by all our staff from the University of New South Wales that have been involved in the recovery operations.  We look forward to working with you for our next campaign that will involve the Japanese Space Agency.

Associate Professor Ravi Sood - , School of PEMS, UNSW Canberra