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Queenland Helicopters


Queenland Helicopter

Aerial Helicopter Work

  • Powerline patrols and Pole inspections
  • Film and Photography work
  • Geological work for future mining exploration
  • Sling loading
  • Feral animal control survey
  • Flood relief work
  • Pipe line patrol and inspections
  • Livestock mustering
  • Freight deliveries

Charter Helicopter Work

  • Passenger Transfers
  • Film and Photography
  • Scenic Flights

Film and Photography

Chief Pilot, Tim Rayner has a large amount of experience in aerial photography and filming. The Robinson R44 helicopter is well suited for film and photography. The option to remove the doors creates excellent visibility for camera work. Previous Queensland Helicopters clients include, Channel 7, Channel 10, ABC, BBC, Courier Mail, Queensland Rail, and Tourism Queensland.

Scenic Flights

Come aboard our helicopter and view the spectacular scenery that the Outback has to offer. You will be truly amazed by the flat vastness and beauty of the country. Queensland Helicopters offers you a fantastic 10 minute scenic flight around Longreach and over the Thomson River. You will see the famous Stockman’s Hall of Fame and of course the QANTAS Museum and 747 on display at the airport. Each scenic flight includes a pilot commentary on the area.

Queenland Helicopters

Local Scenic 10 mins*
$75 p/p. Min 2, Max 3 per flight

On the local scenic flight we view the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Agricultural College, The School of the Air, Department of Primary Industry Buildings, QANTAS museum and airport, Thomson River and channel country to the west of town, Longreach saleyards, the township of Longreach . You will have a greater appreciation of the vastness of the country when you have completed the flight.

Extended Local Scenic 20 mins*
$150 p/p. Min 2, Max 3 per flight

The local scenic flight can be extended to take in the northern weir, then descending to 500 feet above the ground taking a closer look at the channel country which changes day to day.

Queenland Helicopters

Sunset Flight 20 mins*
$180 p/p. Min 2, Max 3 per flight

Finish your day in Longreach viewing sunset from a different perspective, aloft in the R44. Taking this flight you will view all the sights of the local scenic flight then continue to the northern weir, descending to 500 feet above the ground taking a closer look at the channel country which changes day to day. We return to the airport following the Thomson River with the sun setting on the horizon. You will be treated to a pre flight drink (18+) whilst relaxing under a Poinciana tree in anticipation of a show that can only be surpassed by mother nature. Minimum of 2 passengers per flight. Bookings are essential. Sunset quality varies from day to day.

Queenland Helicopters Queenland Helicopters

*Routes and flight times may vary due to weather, other aircraft traffic, etc.